Australia’s Mum-marketing expert as your next keynote speaker

My keynote speeches challenge, inspire and educate others to shape brands that more people know, love and trust—and to do so with a passion and purpose that brings a stage to life. I share the same strategies I’ve used to create campaigns with hundreds of companies including Coles, Kmart, Spotlight and Dyson.

Corporations and event organisers choose me for popular keynote presentations or bespoke talks customised to address trending topics and audiences.

My signature talks


S.M.A.R.T growth strategies to fast track relationships with Australian Mothers

Over 80% of Mums are in charge of household buying decisions, across the majority of categories. Brands can’t afford not to fully understand today’s buyer and the best ways to maximise sales opportunities. In this session discover:

  1. Fast Facts; what, why and how mums are buying today
  2. S.M.A.R.T Marketing Strategies; proven to accelerate sales
  3. Implementation Session: Power-up your Mum-marketing plan in 5 min or less

Gain market clarity and discover opportunities to thrive!

Mum-Influencer Marketing trends and best practices

Given Mum shoppers spend more time online than any other group, Mum influencers are the No. 1 gateway to getting your brand noticed. But with so many influencers, platforms and content forms to choose from, where do you start? In this session discover:

  1. Fast Facts: Which Mum Influencer Marketing is and isn’t working
  2. Three new trends that brands must embrace this year
  3. Best practices to elevate your next campaign.

Gain exclusive insider intel and fast track results!



How to mix business with pleasure

Too often women build a business or career only to feel burnt out and empty. This is what happens when you fail to ignore your values and real aspirations. In this session discover:

  1. How to build a value system that drives your business and life decisions
  2. The habits of happy, elite performers
  3. Practical session to redirect and reignite your passion and purpose

Realise your potential and realign with your path and purpose!

Get to know Christie

With all of my presentations you will walk away with:


Market Clarity

Facts, stats and current industry insight enabling you to make future decisions with certainty.



Real life and relatable case studies that prove if it’s been done, you can do it too!



Ready to implement practical strategies to elevate your results immediately.

What I bring to the stage

How can I work with you?

Book me to present at your next event. Or for more personal support, I offer corporate masterclasses and can mastermind your next marketing success through Mumpower.

Browse our frequently asked questions, and their answers.

How do I book you to present a talk or workshop?

First, email me with dates, location, who the audience is and what
information and inspiration they would most benefit from.

That way I can understand your needs and how I can add value to you.

Do you only present on your signature topics or is there flexibility?

While my signature topics continue to educate and empower audiences, there certainly is flexibility. Let’s set up a 15 min exploration call so you can tell me more about the audience, their challenges and aspirations. Then I can share with you alternative, customised topics to assess if there is an alignment.

Do you give presentations outside Australia?

Yes. I deliver keynote presentations in different markets, in person and virtually.

Do you only talk to businesses and representatives that work for brands that speak to Mums?

No. While that is my career specialty, I am passionate about empowering youth, women and other business groups about personal development, mindset, habits of elite performers among other topics. Reach out and tell me what you need.