How to climb mountains in 10 minutes or less

by | 17 Feb 2023

Sometimes I think to myself, “How am I going to smash this mammoth task?”  Can you relate?

Case in point this morning, going the gym. Most mornings, I’m up at at 5.30, gym by 6 for a class and a little extra.

This morning, a big, intense workout did not seem appealing.  But I knew I had to do something otherwise because it’s completing the workout each day that sets me up for a good day following. So – rather than give up, or work out reluctantly, I:

  1. Broke down the work out into 10 min increments. This made completing the workout less overwhelming and totally doable.
  2. Looked at the exercise and changed it up a bit. This made the experience a little more refreshing and inspiring.
  3. Promised myself a reward. I’d treat myself to a store-bought coffee instead of the home brew. Celebrating the wins are a way to acknowledge breakthroughs – however big or small!

Then I realised that how I approached tackling a big workout when some days feels a bit challenging, is exactly the strategies we are adopting across many Mumpower projects at the moment.

We take the projects we have on (there’s lots of BIG stuff happening at the moment, including some huge influencer marketing events) and break them down into bite sized jobs, look at the mini tasks to see if there is a better way of completing them – then, earmark a team celebration for a job well-done.

This approach makes climbing mountains a lot easier.

Even if there’s always another mountain nearby.

Christie Nicholas

I lead mum-centric brands to next-level brilliance with foresight, insight & dynamism

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