Business and life lessons from business woman Alex Fevola

by | 10 Oct 2022

I’m a massive supporter of the underdog, and any real life stories about ‘the tortoise and the hare’. I find these people motivating and their journey is a reminder that power always comes from within.

An entrepreneur, who in my opinion fits this description who has intrigued me is Alex Fevola. Being in the public eye and married to a high profile athlete, over the decades Alex has had to watch, sometimes disparaging, media reports of her family members. And I never saw her come out firing back. She didn’t cower or complain.

But from all accounts, she not only kept her family close and protected, she’s been busy building a little empire of her own, and on her own, called The Runway Room.

By her own admission, it’s taken time and key variations of the business to shape it to where it is and where it is going globally.

She’s pivoted, listened to her customer, been an amazing role model for her daughters, trusted her instincts, and zigs where others zag. An example of this is how she positions the beauty brand to be accessible to all, in a way that is inclusive to both a teenager and the mother-of-the-bride.

A savvy business decision, given the power of the older female/mum dollar.

When I met Alex Fevola recently and hear her story, I took away great learnings about how important it is for women to:

  1. Ignore the noise,
  2. Value what matters and
  3. Follow your path.

(image of Business woman Alex Fevola and Christie Nicholas CEO Mumpower courtesy of Powerful Steps)

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